Our Story

Karma Investigations is a Michigan licensed private investigation agency since 2008 and is dedicated to providing our clients with full investigative services.  Karma Investigations is known for its attention to customer service and investigative thoroughness.  Professionalism and confidentiality are the foundation from which every investigation is performed.

Our process is information centered.  Karma Investigations discovers and records the information our clients seek.  With the information Karma finds, our clients are well prepared to make informed and considered decisions.  With a law enforcement background, Karma’s investigative team has the experience to find the information.


Karma’s services include corporate and domestic surveillance, fraud detection, asset location, entity and individual background checks, criminal investigations, computer/data and social media forensics, and litigation support.  Karma uses cutting edge technology and equipment to complete our investigations.


Karma is available to help 24hours a day, 7days a week. Contact Us for a confidential consultation.




Investigative Services

 Digital Forensics


 Do you need to gather information that others thought they discarded?  While nothing is 100% promised when it comes to gathering information, know that only an experienced investigator knows how to build a case when others cannot.  If for some reason we cannot get the information that you seek, we will be upfront and transparent with any and all results.



Do you need someone found?  Someone tracked?  If you have someone who’s hiding something from you and you’re not quite sure how to gather the information you need, contact us!  There are many different tactics that can be used to assist you in your special case.  We work with you to develop a strategy that you feel comfortable with, then we execute the plan.

Litigation Support


It’s time to take your support to the next level.  Our experienced team has delivered some of the best results for some of the top lawyers in the industry, both federal and state.  With experience in litigation, the professional demeanor and the credentials behind the name, Karma Investigations is a strong addition to your team!

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